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Content Creation

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Discover how to track social media success with the UTM parameters

What if your traffic bounces all over the place? Maybe you’ve different social media contents, And you’ve email campaigns, And you’re running paid ads, And you’re using Instagram stories, And you’ve YouTube TrueView ads running, And within that, you’ve multiple Call To Actions … Definitely, you’ll get confused and wondered which of your campaigns are really working? Or where your

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Brand attack

يعنى ايه براند أتاك؟؟ – Brand Attack

البراند اللى اتبنى فى سنين، ممكن يتهد فى يوم!!! الانترنت دلوقتى بقى ساحة واسعة و السوشيال ميديا فعلياً سلاح ذو حدين… زى ما بتساعدك تروج للبراند ممكن تكون زى النار فى الهشيم لو اتمسك عليك غلطة و ده Brand Attack اللى بنسميه او ممكن نقول حرب البراندات لو هنتكلم عن الشركات المنافسة لما تحاول تركب على البراند بتاعك او على حملة

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Why invest in content marketing?

Why invest in content marketing?

Today’s consumers don’t want to hear about products – they need educational, helpful information to solve their problems. To compete in today’s global marketplace and reach increasingly unreachable potential customers, you’ve got to be proactive to attract qualified leads. There’s no getting around it – you must invest in content. Content marketing can help your company forge new relationships with current

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