Everything you need to know about Hashtags

Guide to Hashtags
Social Media Hashtags

Everything you need to know about Hashtags

Tags were initially used in 1988 on an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) platform to categorize messages, photos, material, and video. The goal is for users to be able to search for hashtags and identify material related to them. 

Recommended number to use of the hashtag: 

  • Facebook: from 1 to 2 Hashtags. 
  • Instagram: Up to 30 Hashtags. 

  • LinkedIn: from 1 to 2 Hashtags 
  • TikTok: recommended using 5 hashtags maximum. 

Types of Hashtags: 

  • Industry Hashtags. 

as #Marketer #Photographer #Blogger  

  • Niche Hashtags.  

It’s more specific  

as #weddingphotographer #travelblogger #foodblogger 

  • Brand Hashtags. 

Inventing new hashtags for specific campaigns. 

  • Community Hashtags. 

Described group of people as  

  • Location Hashtags. 

As #Egypt, #exploreEgypt #Cairo 

  • Event Hashtags. 

When a mega event or any event is held you will find a hashtag with the name of the Event, They’re great for discovering people attending the same event and being part of a broader movement. 

as #worldyouthforum 

  • Celebration Hashtags. 

Celebrating certain events or certain days as national or international days. 

as #nationafoodday #internationalwomenday #arianators #lakersnation 

  • Descriptive hashtags. 

Describing certain products or services. 

as #Vanilla_Candles #Home_furniture 

Always remember to use relevant and simple hashtags, and don’t Underestimate the power of hashtags in spreading Content and Increasing Content engagement. 

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