Top 6 Copywriting Advices & Tricks

Copywriting Tips

“Copywriting is a direct conversation with the consumer.” 

There is a huge demand in copywriting field, the Copy is content written to convince potential customers with your services or Products and influencing the purchasing decision of the customer. 

Forms or Types of Copywriting: 

  • Products Description on Ecommerce Websites. 
  • Copy of TV Ad. 
  • Copy lines n Billboard. 
  • Public Relations Copywriting. 
  • Email Copywriting. 
  • Landing pages Copywriting. 

As a Copywriter your role is to Write Catchy Headline with Suitable CTAs and Sentences fast spreading between potential audience or Customers. 

Here are some Copywriting Advices and tips to help write the best copy. 

First: Write a Catchy Headline. 

Don’t stress yourself by searching for best headline and ignoring the main copy. Start with writing main body of the copy and extract a catchy headline form it. 

Second: Copy’s Length. 

It depends on the product and Service you sell sometimes; Customers prefer short summarized copy while in other products or services details makes difference and encourage customers to take buying Decision. 

Third: Use commas instead of exclamation points. 

Exclamation marks indicate a sloppy writer or a sleazy salesperson. Simply delete all exclamation points from your document. Period. 

Punctuation affects your writing tone. 

Fourth: Don’t Overuse Superlatives 

Words like the best and so on, use it only when you have a reason to mention why Product or service is the best. 

Fifth: Don’t Repeat Words. 

One of the Copywriting Fatal is repeating the same word, it weakens your copy quality. 

Sixth: Research. 

Bad copy indicates weak research skills whether research about competitors, market in general, or studying the audience well. So, don’t skip the research phase cause it’s one of the most important factors in Marketing field in general. 

Here are some Great Examples of Copywriting: 

Burger King: “Come and get it Back” 

Campaign that your lost items in burger king, you can get it anytime and won’t be lost at all. 

-Valu “شروة بتكُر شروة وڨاليو بس بيقسط أي شروة 

ValU is your lifestyle enabling solution 

Setting out to change the way you shop! We help you get what you want now, and pay as you can afford on a monthly basis; turning your aspirations into reality. 

In SoluSpot we offer you marketing Services with High Quality and Effective Prices. 

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