Marketing Inhouse Team or Marketing Agency

Marketing Team Vs Marketing Agency

“Which is better hiring an in-house marketing team or Advertising Agency” 

one of the frequently asked questions. since Marketing has been essential for all types of business in various fields. 

In this article we will help you decide based on some Factors: 

  • First Factor: Cost. 

It is been alleged that advertising agency is higher in price than the inhouse team but the truth is vice versa, as you bear the Cost of Salaries, Software tools,…etc.  

  • Second Factor: Creativity. 

Having an in-house team working on the same project for a long period can make them bored and generate creative Block, on the other hand Marketing Agency has various Client Accounts which keeps their Creativity working effectively. 

  • Third Factor: Knowledge of Product. 

The in-house team is more aware of the Business and its Services or Product so, It can customize marketing stories and messages better for the Targeted audience other than Marketing Agency that doesn’t have adequate knowledge about your business. 

In the end, there is no Best Solution or Perfect answer for this question, it all depends on your business nature and needs. 

In addition that you can choose more than an option, you can combine between in House team and Marketing agency to satisfy all Business and customer’s Needs. 

In SoluSpot we offer you marketing Services with High Quality and Effective Prices. Tell us in the comments in your opinion which is better for hiring a Marketing in-house team or Marketing Agency? 

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