All you need to know about Headlines 

Content Headlines

The writing of headlines is one of the great journalistic arts. They either conceal or reveal am interest 
Claude C. Hopkins 

The headline is a critical part of your Content; it will decide whether the reader will continue reading and engaging with your content or not as insights indicate that about 8 from 10 persons will read the headline and only 2 from 10 will be interested to press on a headline or continue reading the content. 

Here are some tips for Killer Headline: 

  1. Using Numbers in Headline: 

Our Brains are automatically magnetic towards Numbers, it orders and arranges information according to the reader. 

Such as:  

  • 4 Ways to increase Engagement. 
  • Top 10 Movies. 
  1. Using the Word “Secret” 

Most of People are Curious so, as a Content Writer you should seize their Curiosity by adding word secret in headline. 

Such as:  

  • Secret to be Successful Marketer 
  • Secret of Gaining Followers. 
  1. Create a sense of urgency as “Don’t miss out!” 

Sense of “FOMO” which is the fear of missing out, will force the audience Spontaneously to engage and read the Content you wrote.  

Here are some Types of Headlines: 

  • How to…? 
  • To the Point Headline. 
  • Question Headline. 
  • Command Headlines. 
  • Inspirational Headlines. 
  • Belief Headlines. 
  • Wordplay headline. 
  • Confrontational headline. 

After discussing Headline Meaning and tips to nail it, in addition to types of headlines. 

We will now discuss about Common Mistakes when writing Headlines: 

As Not Knowing target audience so, don’t know how to grab their attention to make them read the article, Existence of Persona will facilitate your writing process more and make it easier. 

Also, Headlines that are too general and lack specificity, are a Common Mistake That Decrease Audience Trust. 

In addition to, writing the Headline as a Robot to increase SEO Rank while ignoring target audience. 

At the end of the Article, there is a famous quote concerning Content Writing which is 

 “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin 

Tell us in the Comments which types of headlines you use often? 

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