Writing Tips from Marvel Movies

Writing tips from Marvel


-Stan Lee. 

The Greater Writer and Storyteller Stan lee who managed to create marvel world and succeeded in gaining Fans for this World. 

Here are some tips from Marvel Movies that could help you while writing: 

  1. Never Write a Movie for the Costume 

Write about the Person himself not the Suit he is in for more clarifying Don’t write about Captain America but about Steve Rogers. 

In addition, Mcfeely advised, “You really need to find out what the worst thing that may happen to your characters is.” “What is the unexpected twist in the tale?” 

  1. There is no Perfect Character 

Avoid writing and Describing the Character in a Perfectionism Manner, sometimes the Imperfection is more interesting than the Perfection. 

A great Example is Tony Stark “Iron Man” which is a self-centered playboy who takes use of his huge advantages to do whatever he wants but at the same time the plot twist exists in that Tony was ready to fight and sacrifice himself to defend others and Save People lives. 

  1. Try to relate to the characters you write: 

Put yourself in Peter Parker’s shoes — and whatever you would do, he would do. It’s all about relatability. 

When writing try to relate to situations which character lives in and how you will react? 

  1. You don’t have to create Masterpiece: 

Don’t Underestimate Entertainment, it’s a simple Underrated Purpose. Most writers think they have to achieve social accomplishments. 

These are admirable objectives, but they aren’t required for effective narrative. A piece of writing’s primary purpose is to entertain the reader. 

  1. It’s easy to get an idea, everyone can generate Ideas: 

The difficulty lies in engaging the reader with the Story, to add empathy and Emotions to the Story which will make people respond to it. 

Always remember that to master any skill Consistency is the key. 

Writing is all about Creating, Imagination and Describing Thoughts. 

I want to end the Article with a famous Quote from a Great Writer. 

“A word after a word after a word is power.” 
-Margaret Atwood 

Tell us in the Comments who is your favorite Writer? 

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